About Us

Cobra Captain is here to teach you tips and tricks on how to be an effective con-artist.

Nowadays, being a con-artist no longer just mean that you are someone who plans and acts to be someone else in order to steal something – money, paintings, jewelry, etc.

Even in our daily lives, sometimes, we have no choice but to bring out the inner con-artist in us, in order to survive, avoid conflict, not lose a job, protect someone, and for many more various reasons.

And, whether we admit it or not, right now, one of the most common things that people need to be great con-artists about is passing a drug test, especially since some states have already approved its recreational use, yet, companies still deem it harmful to hire drug-using employees.

Aside from teaching different tips on being an excellent con-artist when need be, we will also be sharing insights on drug use, moderate usage of such substance, and how to escape detection should the time come that you would need to undergo a drug test.