Con-Artist Preparations: Getting into Character

We all should know by now that as con-artists, one of the most important skill is acting.

Whenever you take on a conning job, you will always end up pretending to be some other character. This is important for several reasons.

First, you have to assume a different character because you do not want your own identity to be known. Most of the time, if not all the time, con-artists will always be doing something shady. Thus, it is important that you make sure your “real” life and identity is far from the characters that you use as a con-artist.

Second, playing a character is important for the mission to be successful. That being said, you must not assume a character just because you feel like it. You have to use a character according to the kind of conning you are about to do, as well as according to how deep you need to infiltrate something or someone – may it be a person, a situation or an organization.

All that said, it is just as important that you use a character that you can actually play and portray. Do not use characters that you have no idea how to act upon.

For instance, if you need to be a waiter in order to fulfill the job, then you must learn and study how it is to be a waiter. you must not only look the part, but you must know how to act like a waiter of experience, so that your character would be believable and your targets won’t be suspicious of you.

Another example is when you have to pretend to be a plumber. In my personal experience, acting as a plumber is one of the common roles I play because I actually had the chance to learn the trade for a short time, when I had to hire a plumber once in order to get my plumbing fixed in my old house in Jacksonville.

Seeing how plumbers get so much access to a house once they are called in, I decided to learn how basic plumbing is done so that I could add it to my arsenal of con-artist characters.

Thankfully, the plumber I hired to do the plumbing issues in my home was very competent and he was an expert. So much so that every question I asked him, he was able to answer with ease and with confidence.

Now, I not only pretend to be a plumber whenever I need to do so for a job, but I could already indeed fix the basic plumbing issues I encounter in my home. Even my friends sometimes call me for basic plumbing emergencies in their place.

But of course, nothing beats the experts that is why I still keep that plumbing company’s contacts handy so that whenever serious plumbing issues arise that are beyond my capacity, I would call them and then have them fix it, while learning along the way.

Indeed, the life of a con artist is not just about taking on a job. It is more about the preparation and the learning that you need in order to ensure that every job is a success.

By the way, if you are interested about that plumbing company, here is its contact details:

C Mac Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Service
702 Crystal Crest SW
Jacksonville, AL 36265

Don’t hire them to train you. That would reveal your true intentions. Just hire them to do actual plumbing problems and then learn from them while they work on it. You don’t have to worry even if you destroy your plumbing on purpose because these plumbers are great at what they do and they can fix that problem in a jiffy.


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