Using the Internet to Learn About the Art of Con

Where did I learn the things I know about conning? How did I become so interested in doing this? When did I realize that I wanted to be a “Cobra Snake?” How do I deal with being a “snake” to people I deem to have karma coming their way? And of course, how do I keep up with the changes that constantly occur in this “game?”

These are just but some of the questions that people ask me about the thing I do. These are also the questions I used to ask myself. How will I ever survive in this mysterious world?

But of course, I had my mentors. I am not going to talk about them as they wish to remain discreet. But they are some of the most valuable people I have in my life. Without them, I would not have been doing what I feel to be satisfying to my core. Some people are quick to judge, but we like to believe we are only breaking the system that the elite have dictated. If things could just go the other way, ours would be the right way and the  current system is the one that is flawed. However, the politics behind what we do is up for another topic.

What I want to share now is how I am able to keep going with what I do, especially since the world has always been changing its rules, without people realizing it.

First, what I have is inspiration and motivation. As I have mentioned earlier, what I do may be wrong in the eyes of people, but it is just for what I believe in. As long as I have this motivation, I will always find ways to excel in my art.

Second, I have the power of the Internet by my side. While it is indeed true that a lot of things keep changing, I can easily keep up because of the Internet. It has been a very powerful tool for me, not only in keeping up with the latest news, but also in my researches that help me become a better con artist in every act I partake.

In fact, in my recent act involving passing a drug test, I had so much help from Lifestyle Mywebpal, because the site is able to give tips on how to do just what I needed to do.

Mywebpal, is just one of the many websites that I have found very helpful. The Internet is filled with a lot of data and one has to be very careful and patient in looking for those websites that could actually help. Thankfully for Mywebpal – Lifestyle, it was able to live up to its name of being a “pal” in the big web that is the Internet.

These two things are just the basics things I use and keep in mind in order to successfully accomplish the things I need to accomplish. Of course, I still have a lot of tricks up my sleeve. Some I may reveal in the next entries, while some, I have to keep to myself. After all, just like magicians, con artists do not reveal secrets as well.


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