How To Submit a Fake urine Sample for a Drug Test Without Getting Detected

In order to escape the wrath of a drug test, you have to bring out the sleeping con-artist in you. It is not an easy task to attempt to fool lab technicians into thinking that you do not have traces of drug in your urine, especially if you really, actually do.

It is for this reason that synthetic urine products have come to existence. If you succeed in swapping your urine with the fake urine, then you can be more confident in knowing that you will not fail the drug test. However, the hard part is not the fooling of the technician with a fake urine, but, with how you can switch the real one with a fake one, without getting caught.

This could be simple if your test comes unsupervised. However, if it is with supervision, you have to be able to position yourself in a way that conceals how you are putting in fake urine instead of the real one. You can do this by availing of different pee belts and whizzinators.

Of course, when push comes to shove, you can try to excuse yourself during the exam day by saying that you are sick, or you are in an emergency situation with a family. You have to pull out all your A-game cards when it comes to these things because the future of your career could be on the line.

By using these techniques, you buy yourself more time until you are sure that your body has been detoxified to pass the test.

After that, you have no choice but to put your faith in your urine sample, may it be the fake sample or the real one.

Con artist helps people pass drug test

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