To what extent does pot stay in your body?

Researches¬†recommend that Marijuana can be normally scrubbed out of your body through regular detoxification, proper eating regimen and activity. Follow a healthy lifestyle in around 30 days and you will turn healthy and in good shape, resulting in your body’s natural extermination of the traces of marijuana in your body.

You can check the internet for different detoxification regimens that you can observe as you try your best to rid your body of drug traces. It is important that you are open to the option of detoxification because, despite the fact that this blog promotes the art of con, we of course, would wish that people exhaust all efforts first before succumbing to deception. If there is another way to get out of the mess without the need to lie, then why not go for that, right?

In compelling cases however, Marijuana can stay in your blood and pee for perhaps up to 16 weeks, depending on the extent of your marijuana intake the previous weeks. In the event that you weigh more than 200 pounds or have a high muscle to fat ratio ratios % it could take longer to be perfect through purging, eating regimen and  exercise.

Drug tests are getting more well known with higher paying occupations and greater businesses. This is why it is important that apart from knowing how to get rid of the drug traces in your body, you have to understand the components of that drug.

Passing a urine drug test through the art of con

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However, when things just do not go the way you plan, then as a last resort, using synthetic urine and using deception to pass that drug test might just be the only solution you have. If this becomes your only option, then be sure to do it in style and with efficiency. Use wit and use great acting skills in order to persuade the lab technician that you provided a real urine sample.

How To Con Your Way Out Of A Drug Test

Passing a drug test due to marijuana use

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To be a con artist is to be capable of convincing someone to believe in something through careful deception. It is like being actors and actresses, but instead of having a stage or a camera, the whole world and the people around you are real and things will actually affect your real life.

It is not a good thing to advocate the art of con, especially because it has been thought to be synonymous to something negative such as cheating. However, sometimes, conning someone becomes necessary, especially if in a sense, you did not violate any rules yet you could end up losing your job if you do not find a way to con your way out of the situation.

I am talking about the instance when you engaged in marijuana use and end up being surprised that a drug test has been issued in your company.

I say that marijuana use violates no rule due to the fact that it has been legalized in some states, and you have been obedient enough to engage in this recreational activity while you are in a state that allows it. However, despite the legalization of this substance in some states and countries, companies are still strict about NOT hiring people who test positive on these things.

It is for this reason that you have to succumb to conning your way out of the situation, and you have to make sure that you do it with all the smarts that you have, because getting caught doing it is just as bad as actually submitting a urine sample that says “drugs” all over it.

The best way to escape this wrath is to expertly use synthetic urine during your drug test. Be sure that you swap with art and style so that you do not get caught.

How To Submit a Fake urine Sample for a Drug Test Without Getting Detected

In order to escape the wrath of a drug test, you have to bring out the sleeping con-artist in you. It is not an easy task to attempt to fool lab technicians into thinking that you do not have traces of drug in your urine, especially if you really, actually do.

It is for this reason that synthetic urine products have come to existence. If you succeed in swapping your urine with the fake urine, then you can be more confident in knowing that you will not fail the drug test. However, the hard part is not the fooling of the technician with a fake urine, but, with how you can switch the real one with a fake one, without getting caught.

This could be simple if your test comes unsupervised. However, if it is with supervision, you have to be able to position yourself in a way that conceals how you are putting in fake urine instead of the real one. You can do this by availing of different pee belts and whizzinators.

Of course, when push comes to shove, you can try to excuse yourself during the exam day by saying that you are sick, or you are in an emergency situation with a family. You have to pull out all your A-game cards when it comes to these things because the future of your career could be on the line.

By using these techniques, you buy yourself more time until you are sure that your body has been detoxified to pass the test.

After that, you have no choice but to put your faith in your urine sample, may it be the fake sample or the real one.

Con artist helps people pass drug test

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